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We're back in office!

Dear AAPI Women Lead Community,

Happy New Year. Our staff is back at work this week. As all of us know, the past couple of years have been very challenging. We are easing our way into 2022 with great projects ahead of us.

Please stay tuned as we continue our transformative justice and community-driven research program, community safety training, healing justice work, community education and mutual aid projects. We are also collaborating with others for our Spring/Summer 2022 event!

We continue to be astounded by the support that we have been receiving from our community and teammates. We look forward to dismantling systems of oppression with you, ending violence against our communities, and building a new world with you.

In the meantime, please check out our work on our youtube series, visit us on social media at @AAPIWomenLead on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and please continue to donate.

In Solidarity,

Dr. Connie Wun and the AAPI Women Lead Team.

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