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RESULTS from#ImReady Movement Community-Based Survey on Gender-Based Violence

AAPI Women Lead linked up with Transformative Research Institute to create a community-based survey centered around gender-based violence (GBV) in Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.

We launched it at the United State of Women Summit in Los Angeles and after talking to hundreds of women and collecting surveys at the United State of Women Summit in Los Angeles, we determined that AAPI Women are no strangers to experiencing issues around #metoo and various forms of violence.

AAPI women were asked to report on the various froms of GBV they have experienced. Results are below.

-Of the 50 self-identified AAPI women we spoke to, 62.5% have experienced at least one form of gender-based violence.

-#ImReady survey data shows that 93.5% reported experiencing sexual harassment, 67.7% experienced sexual assault, and 38.7% reported experiencing stalking and domestic abuse.

The #ImReady Movement survey also asked about our their AAPI friends and families. Our findings show that their AAPI friends and families are sharing similar experiences around gender-based violence. Partcipants were encouraged to report the various types of gender-base violence were experienced among AAPI friends and family.

-9.5% of participants know ZERO AAPI friends and family who have experienced GBV. Unfortunately, 35.7% of participants knew between 1-3 people, 21.4% knew between 4-6 AAPI women who experienced at least one form of GBV, and 26.2% knew more than 10 AAPI women who experienced GBV.

Participants were encouraged to share the various types of GBV experienced by their AAPI friends and family. Of the 50 participants, data shows that that 38 of their family and friends have experienced sexual harassment, 30 experienced sexual assault and 27 experienced domestic abuse.

So now what does that mean for AAPI women and communities at large?

AAPI Women Lead aims to raise visibility around issues impacting AAAPI communities, specifically women and girls, and to build a progressive political platform that is in solidarity with Black, Latinx, and Native communities.

How?! Participants also provided community-based solutions that we'll share soon!!

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