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Meet Our IPAR Orgs!

We recently announced the launch of our intergenerational participatory action research (IPAR) project!!! It has been a HUGE collaborative project.

We are excited to share the list of organizations that are a part of this AMAZING project with you. All of the 14 researchers across 11 organizations will be working together to reclaim our stories on violence and resistance from our communities’ perspectives and experiences.

First, want to thank the amazing organizations that provided trainings on racial and gender-based violence in Asian and Pacific Islander communities and transformative justice. We told you this was a collaborative project!!!

We are incredibly grateful and honored to be able to work with API GBV, NAPIESV, and SOIL for providing support and trainings to our research team. Thank you to our volunteers and our funders, and thank you to the Anti-Racist Research & Policy Center for doing this work with us.

Second, we are excited to announce the 11 organizations that will be a part of our first cohort of community-driven researchers!!!! 14 of our researchers from these organizations are women, femme, and gender-expansive identified. This is the first national project of its kind – led by women, femme and gender-expansive Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander researchers — where we define violence from our experiences; we tell our communities' stories from our communities’ perspectives; and we define how to end violence against our communities.

Our researchers are based in New York, Iowa, Wisconsin, Georgia, American Samoa, Hawai’i, California, Massachusetts, and more! To learn more about each organization, please visit our IPAR website at

This is an UNPRECEDENTED COLLABORATIVE research project that is rooted in the reclamation of our communities’ stories- collected by us, for us, and for systemic change.

This IPAR project has been 5 years in the making (along with 10 years of research training)!!! Through the support of our community, donors and funders we were able to fundraise to provide paid trainings, support, and materials for our researchers. We will continue to fundraise to support our community-driven research program. We could not have done this without you all. Please continue to donate to AAPI Women Lead so that we can continue this work:

We're SO happy to share this project and the brilliance of our partner organizations with you all. If you have any questions related to the IPAR project, please direct your inquiries to

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