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Join us on May 25th for a discussion on healing in our API communities.

There are just 2 days left to register for our event! Register today at: Zoom recordings of this event are also available for purchase.

In light of Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month and Mental Health Awareness Month, join us this Wednesday, May 25th, at 8:00am HT/ 11:00am PT/ 1:00pm CT/ 2:00pm ET for a virtual panel discussion about mental, emotional, and spiritual health within our Asian & Pacific Islander communities.

We will be joined by Sahaj Kohil, Founder of @BrownGirlTherapy, Leonora of Barefoot Movement, GabesTorres, a global solidarity therapist & organizer, as well as Vaivaimalemalo Dr. Michael Fusi Ligaliga, who has had decades of experience working in conflict resolution in API communities. During this discussion we will explore "What is our community healing from?" and "What is the relationship between healing and systemic change or social transformation?" as well as different healing practices within our communities.

Live Zoom transcription will be available at this event.

Due to recent attacks on abortion access and reproductive justice, we are partnering FreeFrom to support the National Abortion Funds For Survivors. Donations to our organization during the month of May, including this event, will be shared with the National Abortion Funds For Survivors.

If you are unable to attend the live virtual event, recordings of this event will be available for purchase!

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