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Join AAPIWL's Solidarity in Action Series

We asked what our communities need at this time and we've been working hard to meet some of the needs. With the help of community members and leaders from all over the country, we created the Solidarity in Action Series where community leaders help us understand community safety strategies and how we can continue to take care of one another. #WeKeepUsSafe

Thank you to the 350+ people who have joined us in this series. Thank you to @killerbeemma @oaklandbrownberets @kalamendoza @nonviolentpeaceforce for sharing your expertise and brilliance with us!

We have a few more events coming up and we invite you all to join us.

This Saturday join Community Bystander Intervention led by @haleemabharoocha who has trained over 700 people in equity-related topics such as Islamophobia, bystander intervention and gender-based violence. Registration link:

On May 1st, 2021 join us for a two-hour session for an introduction to self-defense and safety with @molliik co-founder of @tuffloveselfdefense - and she is the first Laotian woman Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Make sure to check out our schedule and stay tuned for updates at . We hope to see you this Saturday!

Also, check out self-defense with MMA champion Bi 'Killer Bee' Nguyen. We hope it's useful! Let's continue to take care of each other. Let's continue to do this work #InSoldarity .

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