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Happy Womxn's History Month! AAPIWL X Killer Bi Nguyen

Happy Womxn's History Month!

At AAPIWL, we always elevate, celebrate and honor womxn and allies who have paved the way for us and those who continue to do the work in our communities at all levels. Last year we brought together the amazing womxn from our squad and partnered up with Killer Bi Nguyen for a community-defense seminar and community discussion. We explored what it means to be a womxn and expanded our understandings of what it means to be a fighter, a leader, and a survivor.

We will resume hosting in-person events so for now, we hope this message reminds you that we are all powerful and brilliant as we are. And we are an unmatched forced when we come together.

Happy Women's History Month! Don't forget-- we are also the ones who are making history!

Thanks to our partners and friends at One World Jiu Jistsu, Bay Area Brunch Club, and of course, Killer Bi Nguyen. <3

With so much love and gratitude. We are with you.

AAPI Women Lead Squad

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