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Announcing our Keynote Speaker for #ImReady2022...

We are just 26 DAYS away from #ImReady2022! Have you gotten your tickets yet?! Our team is excited to connect with you all in person and virtually for #ImReady2022 on October 29th from 10:30am to 5:00 pm PT! We are working hard to bring everyone together safely for an incredible conference where we can gather to Reimagine Everything.

We are honored to share with you our Keynote Speaker for our 5th Annual #ImReady 2022 Hybrid Movement Conference: Mia Mingus, Founder & Director of SOIL: A Transformative Justice Project.

Mia Mingus is a writer, educator and trainer for transformative justice and disability justice. She is a queer physically disabled korean transracial and transnational adoptee raised in the Caribbean. Mia founded and currently leads SOIL: A Transformative Justice Project which builds the conditions for transformative justice to grow and thrive. She has been involved in transformative justice work for almost 2 decades and has supported numerous people, groups, families and communities in addressing harm, violence and abuse using transformative justice. Check out her work at

We are so honored to be joined by our dear friend Mia Mingus. We hope you can join us as well to Reminagine Everything. Tickets are limited, so get yours today!

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