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AAPI Women Lead Launches Community Care Series #CCS & COVID-19 website

Hey Team,

We've been thinking a lot about how we could provide#mutualaid and support people during this hectic time. So we partnered up with community leaders, organizers, activists, spiritual leaders, psychologists, educators and then some to learn about what's happening on the ground, in their communities and getting more insight on anti-Asian racism and beyond to create the Community Care Series #CCS , a web series.

Along with that, we created a dedicated section to COVID-19 that includes our response to heightened anti-Asian racism with links and articles, the Community Care Series , and a growing community resource guide with links to mutual aid projects, employment rights under Covid-19, and so much more. We are also preparing to launch a mutual aid project, so stay tuned.

Check out the resources at

I hope it's all helpful .

Check out our conversation with Dr. Jennifer Mullan from @DecolonizingTherapy . We found it be a healing and helpful conversation .

We have more interviews lined up so much sure to follow us on IG/FB/Twitter @aapiwomenlead .

Learn about Dr. Jennifer at or follow Dr. Jenn on IG @decolonizingtherapy .

We are a small team! Please support the series by donating at .

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I do not understand why we call our selves Asian American, African American, and all other types of Americans except European Americans.

I think we are all Americans and we are fighting against the secretive way that CCP was trying to act. It hurt everybody in the world so let us fight together against CCP who hid the facts, threw the whistleblowers somewhere and we do not even know how those whistleblowers are, the ones who made videos and told the world about what had happened in the lab.

I also have a few concerns about how we narrow down our democratic views.

1 ) we never stood up against Spanish flu being called Spanish even though it originated…

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