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AAPI Women Lead invites you to join us at the Movement Building Series in the Bay Area!

AAPI Women Lead invites you to join us to celebrate AAPI Women, to share and document our challenges and triumphs with racial and gender disparities.

AAPI Women Lead will be hosting first annual state conference on November 3rd in Berkeley, California and we want YOU to help us build the agenda.

We will share our stories about our journeys as AAPI Women leaders in our fields, including our challenges and successes with racial and gender discrimination, and our experiences with #metoo.

We will discuss-- what does it mean to be an AAPI women leader in companies, community and field?

Come deepen your understanding about what it takes to own your brilliance, talents and leadership and share your experiences. You will learn from and help us raise visibility of AAPI Women whose stories deserve to be told and heard.

AAPI Women Lead invites you to join us at the Movement Building Series:

August 7th - Oakland

Perch Coffee House @ 440 Grand Ave.

August 14th- San Jose

Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI) @ 2400 Moorpark Ave. Suite 300

August 21st - Peninsula region: TBD

We look forward to seeing and hearing from you! For more details about the series and ways that you can support the #ImReady conference, please contact: We are happy to collaborate, share info about ways to donate and sponsor the #ImReady conference!

In Solidarity,

Jenny Wun Connie Wun, Ph.D. Celine Jusuf

Co-Founder Co-Founder Youth Leader

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