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welcome to #Imready2022! 

Welcome to Reimagine Everything, our 5th annual #ImReady Movement Conference! We're so glad you've joined us.


This year, we look forward to gathering to celebrate, educate, learn, and take care of our communities. On this virtual program, #ImReady2022 attendees can access COVID guidelines, the #ImReady2022 agenda, the list of speakers, and speakers' bios. 

Community Safety COVID Protocols

To help our community gather safely, please follow our event's COVID guidelines. Hand sanitizer stations and COVID face masks will be provided. 


COVID Vaccination: All participants must show proof of vaccination. If you are unable to be vaccinated for documented medical reasons, please contact us at community@aapiwomenlead to make alternate arrangements.

Mask Required: Event attendees must wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth. 

Conference agenda

9:30am - 10:30am 

10:30am - 10:50am

10:50am - 11:50pm



12:00pm - 12:45pm

12:45pm - 1:15pm 

1:15pm - 1:35pm 

1:35pm - 1:50pm 

1:50pm - 2:50pm 

3:05pm - 3:30pm 

3:35pm - 4:00pm 

4:00pm - 4:25pm 

4:25pm - 5:00pm


Welcome Opening

Anna Cho Fenley, Inez Consuelo


Opening Panel

Kavita Mehra, Dylan Rodriguez, Estella Owoimaha-Church, Liz Suk, Natalee Kehlani Bauer, Lily Wong

Healing + Wellness Offerings

Mollii Khangsengsing, Amina Lei, Inez Consuelo, Chel Anne, Surrendered Healing

Lunch + Network

Key Note Speaker

Mia Mingus

Award Ceremony

Reimaging Everything Panel

Liz Suk, Bernie Lim, MD, Ny Nourn, Irma Schauf-Bajar, Katherine Nasol

Fireside Chat

Tavae Samuelu

Decolonizing Yoga 

Susanna Barkataki

Special Guest 

Leo Sheng

5th Anniversay Celebration and Closing

#ImReady 2022 Speaker Banner (Landscape) (4).png


3 (1).png

Mia Mingus

Founder & Executive Director, SOIL: A Transformative Justice Project

IMG_3441-2 - Leo Sheng.jpg

Leo Sheng

Actor & Advocate

T. Samuelu Forward Promise headshot - Tavae Samuelu.png

Tavae Samuelu


Irma Shauf-Bajar - Irma Shauf-Bajar.JPG

Irma Shauf-Bajar

Executive Director,

18 Million Rising

#ImReady 2022 Speaker Banner (Landscape) (4).png
2022-09-21 13.48.46 - Dylan Rodriguez (1).jpg

Dylan Rodriguez 

Scholar, Teacher, Parent, Writer, Collaborator;

Day job as Professor at UC Riverside

Oakland Rising Townies-14 - liz suk.jpg

Liz Suk

Executive Director

headshot-church - Estella Owoimaha-Church.jpeg

Estella Owoimaha-Church

Executive Director

IMG-5274 - Ny Nourn.jpg

Ny Nourn

Co-Director, Asian Prisoner Support Committee; Organizer, Survived & Punished

#ImReady 2022 Speaker Banner (Landscape).png
IMG_9045 - Natalee Kehaulani Bauer.JPG

Natalee Kehaulani Bauer

Scholar, Educator, Parent, Author

_MG_3594 - Kavita Mehra.jpg

Kavita Mehra

Executive Director,


#ImReady 2022 Speaker Banner (Landscape) (4).png
IMG_7723 - Anna Cho.JPG

Anna Cho

Organizer & Chief of Staff,

She The People 

32D35B83-2CB7-420F-9DF5-FF17005E356D - Katherine Nasol (1).jpeg

Katherine Nasol

Researcher, Educator, Organizer

Lily Wong Headshot - lily wong.JPG

Lily Wong

Associate Director, Antiracist Research and Policy Center

Connie Headshot.jpeg

Dr. Connie Wun

Co-Founder & Executive Director, AAPI Women Lead

#ImReady 2022 Speaker Banner (Landscape) (4).png

Healing &WellNess practitioners

sweater (1).jpg

R Consuelo Inez

Intuitive Energy Medicine Healer, 

Owner of Inez healing Arts

BLim Headshot - Bernadette Lim (1).jpg

Bernadette Lim

Founder and Executive Director, Freedom Community Clinic

image1 - Amina Lei (1).jpeg

Amina Lei

Art Activist, Educator,

Healing Arts Mentor

IMG_3282_Original - Mollii Khangsengsing (1).jpg

Molli Khansengsing

Co-Founder, Tuff Love Fitness 

#ImReady 2022 Speaker Banner (Landscape) (4).png
CWP_1696 - Susanna Barkataki.jpg

Susanna Barkataki


Embrace Yoga's Roots


Chel Anne

Researcher, Educator, Organizer

#ImReady 2022 Speaker Banner (Landscape) (4).png

sponsors of #imready2022

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