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Trans leadership + brilliance is essential! Learn why on our Community Care Series from Xoài Pham

Hey Team,

We sat down with the brilliant organizer and leader Xoài Pham to learn about how we can support and build with our trans communities during covid-19 and beyond. Listen in!

Xoài Pham is a Vietnamese trans person (pronouns: she/her). She comes from a long legacy of warriors, healers, fishers, and swimmers. Her family arrived in California as refugees after the U.S. destroyed Southeast Asian land and communities. She is a writer, thinker, and collaborative educator on issues of gender, imperialism, sex work, and intimacy. Before joining Transgender Law Center, she was Digital Campaigner at People’s Action, a national coalition of grassroots organizations. She helped build a digital base of over a million people and craft narratives for issue areas like healthcare and housing justice. She was also part of a national movement called the Political Healers project, which organized among women and femme people of color for radical individual and societal transformation. It is with great pleasure that she now contributes to a movement made by and for trans people. Above all, she enjoys eating fruits on the beach with her loved ones.

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