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Our aim is to strengthen the political and social platforms of Asian and Pacific Islander communities by building and supporting an alliance across fields, communities, and experiences. Through our year-long and seasonal programs that include research and advocacy, movement-building series, healing and leadership programs, and the annual #ImReady Movement conferences, we provide a platform and opportunities for Asian and Pacific Islander self-identified women and girls to identify and build upon their communities’ histories of resistance and to further mobilize their communities towards progressive social change. 








Community-Driven Research Project


Our research program examines the layers and intersecting forms of violence that impact self-identified Asian and Pacific Islander women and girls across the United States. Through mixed methods including Youth Participatory Action Research, surveys and focus groups/listening sessions, we identify the various types of violence that API women and girls experience. Our research also identifies community-driven responses and solutions to violence against and within the communities.’ Findings and practice recommendations are distributed at #ImReady Movement Conference.

Movement + Power Building Series 

Throughout the year, API Women Lead hosts Movement Building Series which serves as community-building gatherings as well as listening sessions. Participants in the  movement building spaces identify and discuss current issues impacting the API communities. The movement building sessions will also serve as a meeting place for participants to collect and share their personal stories and resources around issues of violence, activism, movement-building and leadership.

Healing and Leadership Development Program

Our summer leadership and capacity development program will include community partner organizations that work on issues of healing, leadership development, community organizing, advocacy, and “empowerment.” Institutes will include seminars, workshops, and activities that will help strengthen the capacity of individual participants and communities in general. Through the healing and leadership institute, attendees will learn about history of Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the United States, participate in leadership development workshops including community organizing in workplace, participatory action research and advocacy, and holistic forms of healing. In this space, attendees will be able to tell their stories for the purposes of leadership, organizing, and healing.

#ImReady Conference

The annual #ImReady​ Movement Conference brings together API movement leaders, community members, and allies from across fields and experiences to learn about the political and social issues impacting API self-identified women, girls, and gender non-conforming people and their communities. The conference is a platform for attendees to identify and share their experiences as marginalized communities in the United States and in US territories. As an educative platform, the conference focuses on movement-building in solidarity with other communities of color. #ImReady conference is also a call to action conference by which attendees also plan and develop strategies to create social change.

Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR)

Paid youth Research Interns explore issues impacting their communities. Research Interns develop leadership and research skills. Our unique program includes trainings on research, social justice, transformative justice, community building, and self + community care. Youth create and lead a community campaign based on the outcomes of their research. 

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